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The Grand Encampment: Settling the High Country


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Award-winning author and historian Candy Moulton compiled a definitive settlement history of Wyoming’s Grand Encampment valley for the 100th anniversary of the town, with never-before-published panoramic photographs.

Here is the story of the copper mining era when rich minerals were found daily and men made or lost fortunes overnight. Some made money and left with it, some stayed too long, and some had the fortitude to survive to watch their grandchildren grow up in the community.

But the story is more than the mining days. Early explorers, cattlemen, tie hacks, the sixteen-mile tramway, the four-mile woodstave pipeline, the booms and busts, plus a look at the present and the future, it’s all here.

Moulton researched over 20 years and gathered more than 60 historic photographs, many never-before-published panoramic camera photos taken by early journalist Earle Clemens.

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